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Homeowners FAQ

Why should I put my home on the tour?

Because you are awesome.  We have several submissions throughout the year of homes wanting to be on the tour.  If you are chosen, lucky you!


The Renovation Sensation Home Tour is the only fundraiser for the SHARE program at Shawnee Mission East.  See the link below for more information!

What are my responsibilities for the tour?

That’s the easy part, wink- wink.  You are paired with 3 to 4 House Coordinators who will walk you through the process and be your point of contact. 


We provide a small stipend for you to use for house cleaning or window cleaning. 


There will be a dedicated florist of your choosing to provide arrangements for the day of the tour. 


You will also be able to choose your signature scent.   


Will people be taking photos inside of my home?

No, Guests on the tour will not be allowed to take photos of your home.


The professional Photographer will be taking pictures of your home inside and out before the tour date.


Student Photographers will be taking pictures on the day of the event for social media purposes.


You will be asked to sign a photography release form prior to the event.


What if there are areas I do not want to show the public?

We will discuss the areas you want to highlight during the tour, and we can block off or attend the areas you wish to keep private.


How are you keeping my property safe?

That is a great question!   We have several attendants located all around your home, making sure the guests are making good choices.


We do not let guests wear their shoes during the tour.  Booties are provided at entry points.


Can I be in my home during the tour?

Best practice would be to take the day off.  Go have fun and enjoy the other homes!  We provide a gift card for your dinner that evening.


More questions or concerns?

Do not hesitate to reach out to your House Coordinator or ask questions at


If you would like to have your home included in a future SME Renovation Sensation homes tour please complete the form below.

Homeowner & Home Details

Thanks for submitting your home for consideration. We will follow up with you soon!

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